Well-being in body & mind.

Healing your Sacral Chakra 

Root chakra 

Grounded, trusting,, independent, alive, self-esteem 

Sacral chakra 

Friendly, passionate, sexual fulfilment, 

Good mood, plaful, natural flirty 


Solar plexus

Self respect, confident, calm, integrity 

Heart chakra

Loved, loving,empathic,

high frequencies 


Throat chakra

Expressing yourself, speaks the truth,


Third Eye

Intuitive, charismatic,

knowing your purpose,


Crown chakra

Joy, connected to the source, individuality, wise, compassionate 

Healing the wounded Inner Child 

Romy Smits designed an organic shape that she called "Wooky". 

Dolls are a symbol for the brilliance which is hidden within: a radiating copy of the original Self.

"Wooky" can help you to connect you with your authentic self. The different shapes and colours vibrate energy and will touch your subconscious. It will touch your wounded  "Inner Child" and you will benefit by the frequency of the design.

The psychic awareness is an ability of the Soul to perceive and sense frequencies beyond our normal sight.

Sacral chakra 

Heal your Sacral Chakra and find back your creativity, passion, desires and your authentic Self. 


Your Sacral Chakra is the home of your creative and sexual energies, it is dedicated to your relationships to people and circumstances, pro-creation your ability to nurture and give birth to the seeds of life.

Your Sacral Chakra is positioned close to your Root Chakra and acts as your energy storage center.

It is from this chakra that your energy gets distributed throughout your whole chakra energy system. All available energy is pumped from the base of your spine all the way up through your subtle energy system to your brain, keeping your brain young, vibrant, and nourished.

Expression of desire, intimacy and sensual connections, the undisturbed flow of your emotions expression of your feelings. sacred  place to manifest your dreams and desires.


Romy Smits 

Omana chakra healing.

Omana Energetic Healing modality is the conscious and skilled use to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as in their general and physical well-being.
Energetic healing can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body.

Romy Smits uses extremely high vibrating  energies when she work with her own healing modality Omana to repair and rebalancing your vital life energy. Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical and repairs the subtle energy systems :

aura and chakras where the cause of the dis-ease can be located. Romy recalibrate the cells and activate your Soul's powerful potential.


Blocked chakras :
problem with self esteem,  anxiety,  angry, lack of money, over active sex life or no sex life, bad relations, no sence of security, no intuition, no creativity, difficulty to express.

Health problems : Eating disorders ,lack of energy , lower back problems, joint pains, disturbed immune system, depression, asthma, blood circulation, heart disorders, increased thyroid gland.

Women who have had: miscarriage, failed IVF, Infertility complications, endometriosis, PCOS, PMT, fibroids, heavy bleeding, hysterectomy, stress.

Amanachal coaching.

Initiation into "Awareness" of your repeated patterns.

This session can help you:

- during this initiation of "Awareness " you become concious of your repeated patterns which enables you to change them into your real desires.

- a transformation will slowly take place during this process of "Awareness " to heal your wounded " Inner Child".

- to open up to your real "Desire","Vision","Passion" and "Inner Strenght" in life so that your real "True Identity" can emerge and that you can lead a fulfilling passionate life.

Ones you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self" interacts in reality you will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.

The Univers Darsahna creations of awareness and desire.

Guided by her intuition, this "Wooky " shape has been playfully repeated and transformed to graphic artworks that Romy used for her inspirational Darsahna Soul Power card deck. These vibrational frequency art works each one represents , guide you on your own Inner Journey. 

When you draw a card from this deck, you will benefit by the card you have drawn. The deck contains 52 Darsahna frequency artwork cards, and a guidance.


Wooky Inner Child of Romy

Being playful brings you in connection with your spontaneity and curiosity.

Inner Self 

Your Soul as the pure core of every human being before the pollution of modern society like education, social background, social pressures and religious dogma's.

Stripped from polluting influences you will also discover that your Soul is the way through your "Inner Self " interacts with reality in it's purest form.

Once you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self " is the only way by which it expresses itself in reality. You will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.

What clients experienced.

* My session with Romy was very intense.She combines energy work with brief conversations so that one get all out.I cried and laughed and said goodbye to old painful memories. I got advice and tips for the future as well. Romy has an incredible gift! She is a loveable beatifull soul, and my session with her was a turning point in my life! I'll be eternally grateful. 

Samah Hammouchi

* Meeting with Romy was one of the best things that happened to me. I immediately felt a powerful connection. The first conversation we had, she could feel and read my emotions with her strong empathic ability and her intuition. My session with Romy was quiet intense, magical and liberating. It opened the door for my transition and development as a person and as a Women. I started to feel more connected to my feminine side and understand it better. And I wasn't ashamed of it anymore! I wanna thank you beautiful Romy being there for me, helping me release and liberate my stagnant and suppressed energy.

Doua Davine

* When I feel stuck in life and I do an Amanachal art of living retreat or some one-to-one sessions, it gaves me beautiful insides about my life and how I can go through certain experience. It gaves me opportunities to heal my childhood and live more consiously. My experience with the sessions of Romy are wonderful.

Shanna Rademacher