Get ready to discover your divine!

Romy Smits an autodidact creative woman with a mission. Spirituality and self-reflection is the red thread in her life. Through her life experience, skills and her own spiritual journey to re-connect with her authentic Self. She guide people to find their authentic self by her Omana energetic healing modality and Amanachal intuitive coaching sessions,. She organise one-to-one tailer made Art of living retreats and Darsahna creative workshops to re-connect with your playful inner child.

With an Omana energetic session Romy free and clear emotional burdens and help you realize your own power as a creator. You are meant to live a limitless life with an abundance of love and creativity.

Consciousness by awareness of your Innerself connects you with your heart and soul.

Romy Smits highly sensitive and intuitive guide you to your authentic soul connection by her Omana energetic sessions. She initiate you to awareness of your repeated patterns that hold you back from your highest Soul potential.


Romy gives sessions in person on distance and one-to-one or couple retreats. 


Omana Energetic Healing modality is the conscious and skilled use to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as in their general and physical well-being.

Energetic healing can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body

☆ Meeting with Romy was one of the best things that happened to me. I immediately felt a powerful connection. The first conversation we had, she could feel and read my emotions with her strong empathic ability and her intuition. My session with Romy was quiet intense, magical and liberating. It opened the door for my transition and development as a person and as a Women. I started to feel more connected to my feminine side and understand it better. And I wasn't ashamed of it anymore! I wanna thank you beautiful Romy being there for me, helping me release and liberate my stagnant and suppressed energy.And finding the way to be my truest self.Thank you!

Doua Davine 

Step into the Univers of Darsahna.

Awake your creative playfull inner child.

Romy Smits designed an organic shape that she called "Wooky". Dolls are a symbol for the brilliance which is hidden within: a radiating copy of the original self.

Romy discovered that "Wooky" can help you to connect you with your authentic self.The different shapes and colours vibrate energy and will touch your subconscious.It will touch and heal your wounded  "Inner Child".

The psychic awareness is an ability of the Soul to perceive and sense frequencies beyond our normal sight.