Awaken sensuality

Awaken your life force energy.

Cosmic orgasme waves move through all the energy centers "Chakras" it can replenish the life force energy.

Boost our physical vitality and heal us on emotional, psychological levels as well.



Welcome to the Universe of sensual well-being.

Harnessing our sences to access our sensuality on the journey of arousal and the pleasures that are experienced through each of the sences.

As a sensual person Romilda Smits sences the energy fields around your body and feels strongly your emotions,pain and trauma’s.



By embracing the spiritual power of our sexual energy we can experience ;


Feel empowered and fulfilled 



Heart connection


Spiritual growth 



Removing shame and past hurt.


Removing shame and past hurt tend to hold us back from stepping into our own sensual empowerment. Our believes and past sexual experiences are essential factors that affect our current views about sex.

Sexuality is a natural energy connects us physically, emotional and spiritual.

When you heal your traumatic experiences around your sexuality you can start to enjoy a healthy sex life. 


Love and passion a pure desire from your heart.


Self-love is the first step to love and passion in your life. When you vibrate the energy of love you can atrack this into your life.

Forgiveness can open up your heart and allows us to move on without anger or seeking revenge. Passion in relationships contribute to greater satisfaction, happiness and well-being. 

From your head into your body.

Sensuality helps us to get out of our heads and into our body.


In your head

Escaping from your pain you will never change something in your life and the pain will be always there.

In your body

By feeling your pain you can release this energy in your body. Cleaning up your emotional issues will change your life drastically in the positive way.

Sexual healing starts with the Sacral Chakra.


Healing the Sacral Chakra governs your emotions, your creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, emotional well-being, and self-expression.

When the Sacral Chakra is out of balance, a person may experience feelings of fear, depression, manic or emotional instability, feeling overwhelmed, loss of creativity, sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, and even addiction.

Awakening through your sences.

Unblock your sexual energy.


You become more creative, you can express more authentically, it connects you with your intuition and your sences and you can enjoying all the pleasures of life.

Your sensual experiences through your 5 sences. Activate your sensuality by using your 5 sences to experience pleasure every day. 

Become aware of the little things that surrounds you, through your sences you discover the messages, signs, symbols that pop up into your life. All this will help you on your inner journey. How more you are connected with your sensuality the more joy you will experience.

Sensual Sencory Reality.

The art couture made by me and the non-concept together with Roland Maas.

Creation comes from deep within without knowing what you are going to make just a feeling.