Love brings healing 

Art of loving and art of living true love

Ready in an energetic shift from 3D to 5D ?

Shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom prevails. An energetic shift from 3D to 5D by raising our frequencies to a much higher level and transmuting low frequencies of fear into unconditional love up to a point where no fear is left. In the fifth dimension, all of our actions are based on love. Now it comes much more intuitively and subtle from within as we have become one with all that is.

Universal energetic laws

In 5D we live according to the universal energetic laws knowing that we create what we think. There are no manmade rules or laws, because people fully trust the energetic flow and where it takes and guides them to. There is no need for possessions or status, as there is no competition and nothing to compare. 

We love ourselves and appreciate our individuality as part of the whole. We know that our needs are always met and we are always taken care of. Gratitude is always present. When we live in 5D permanently we have reached a state of enlightenment.

Soul Power

Your Soul/Self as the pure core of every human being before the pollution of modern society like education, social background, social pressures and religious dogma's.

Stripped from polluting influences you will also discover that your Soul is the way through your "Inner Self " interacts with reality in it's purest form.

Once you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self " is the only way by which it expresses itself in reality. You will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.

Heal your wounded inner child.

From your self-love as a starting point you will experience real passion in your life.

Release emotional baggage causing pain, depression, anxiety, and self-sabotage and get to the root of your problems to remove the underlying causes of emotional and physical imbalance.


Being authentic.

You are authentic when it comes from your Divine. When our actions and words are congruent with our believes and values. It is being ourselvesnot an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

Authenticity you are true and honest with oneself and others, having a credibility in one's words and behaviour.

Live your authentic life by:

Follow your intuïtion , connect with your Soul Power, open your heart, connect with your gut feelings, leave your repeated patterns behind, speak your truth.

Sacral chakra your life force energy.

Heal your Sacral Chakra and find back your creativity, passion, desires and your authentic Self.

Your sacral chakra is also associated with your expression of desire, intimacy and sensual connections, the undisturbed flow of your emotions and the expression of your feelings.

It is also a very sacred and powerful place to manifest your dreams and desires, as well as work through your fears and boundaries.

As it’s directly related to your relationships, your creativity, pro-creation, sexual energy and virility, it makes total sense that an open sacral chakra means you are able to feel, emotionally or physically, connect to others, emotionally and physically and generally be open to the world, to manifest your desires, and to ‘let go’.

About Romy Smits 

My own experience hiding myself, escaping the reality, taking care about others, no self esteem, not connected with myself, angry but not showing untill the moment you can't control yourself anymore, not loving myself, burnout because of proving that I was worthed...... This was in 2000 20 years ago that I became aware of all this. My journey started to undo all the patterns that I knew. It brought me back to my highest Soul connection. I never thought I want to become ... but it came naturally back who I AM.

* My session with Romy was very intense.She combines energy work with brief conversations so that one get all out.I cried and laughed and said goodbye to old painful memories. I got advice and tips for the future as well. Romy has an incredible gift! She is a loveable beatifull soul, and my session with her was a turning point in my life! I'll be eternally grateful. 

Samah Hammouchi

* Meeting with Romy was one of the best things that happened to me. I immediately felt a powerful connection. The first conversation we had, she could feel and read my emotions with her strong empathic ability and her intuition. My session with Romy was quiet intense, magical and liberating. It opened the door for my transition and development as a person and as a Women. I started to feel more connected to my feminine side and understand it better. And I wasn't ashamed of it anymore! I wanna thank you beautiful Romy being there for me, helping me release and liberate my stagnant and suppressed energy.

Doua Davine

* When I feel stuck in life and I do an Amanachal art of living retreat or some one-to-one sessions, it gaves me beautiful insides about my life and how I can go through certain experience. It gaves me opportunities to heal my childhood and live more consiously. My experience with the sessions of Romy are wonderful.

Shanna Rademacher