Meeting with Romy was one of the best things that happened to me. I immediately felt a powerful connection. The first conversation we had, she could feel and read my emotions with her strong empathic ability and her intuition. My session with Romy was quiet intense, magical and liberating. It opened the door for my transition and development as a person and as a Women. I started to feel more connected to my feminine side and understand it better. And I wasn't ashamed of it anymore! I wanna thank you beautiful Romy being there for me, helping me release and liberate my stagnant and suppressed energy.And finding the way to be my truest self.Thank you! Doua Davine 


Romy Smits 

A Godess of Love, beauty and sensuality highly sensitive, intuitive and a powerful creator who is strongly connected with her Higher Self. She lives her live with passion and experiencing daily life in all its facets is her greatest source of inspiration. An autodidact woman with a mission. Helping women and men to realize their "True Identity " by finding their powerful potential as a creator on their spiritual "Inner Journey ". 

Looking for your powerful potential as a Creator ?

Through her life experience, skills and her own spiritual "Inner Journey" to find her "True Identity" she can help you to connect with  your " Higher Self" and your potential as a Creator. Romy's Omana energetic healings recalibrate the cells and activate your Soul's powerful potential.

Romy Smits is adept at supporting women and men who feel out of balance or looking for new opportunities in their private and professional  life.


To connect with your Soul's powerful potential.

Having acquired ""intuition"," feeling" and "spontaneity" in your personal life will help you to take decisions from your heart. Every decision from your heart enables you to live your life with passion. It shows which direction to take and it will clarify the purpose of your Soul's powerful potential.

Unlock your blockages to bring balance in your Feminine and Masculine energy.

You will access to your highest potential that will enable you to :

Connect with your authentic highest potential and share your gifts to fulfill your life's purpose and calling

Connect with your selflove and connect or re-connect with your partner

Connect and shift from surviving to thriving financially

Connect with your feelings that release blocks of depression,anxiety, fatigue and weight issues

Connect with your life force that will bring you joy and happiness

Say yes to the life that you can have if you connect with your inner strength after becoming aware of your repeated patterns who will hold you back from your highest potential.


I looking forward to getting to know you and helping you on your "Inner Journey " to connect with your higher potential as a creator.

Godess Romy.

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The 5 deepest values


Awareness by becoming more conscious of your repeated patterns

Desire as fire that sets action aflame

Vision the essence of your being

Passion as the intens emotion of compelling feeling, enthusiasme and desire

Inner strength the balance between female and masculine energy


With these 5 deepest values as an unit you will re-create your "True Identity " as the pure core of every human being before the pollution of modern society like education, social background, social pressures and religious dogma's.

Stripped from polluting influences you will also discover that your "True Identity " is the way through your "Inner Self " interacts with reality in it's purest form.

Once you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self " is the only way by which it expresses itself in reality. You will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.