Romy Smits creator, healer and intuitive coach.

Connect you with your highest soul connection. Your "True Identity".

Become aware of your true essence by leaving your repeated patterns behind.
Romy guids you to your authentic soul connection so that you can have a joyful and happy fulfilled  life.

With an Omana energetic healing Romy free and clear emotional burdens and help you realize your own power as a creator. You are meant to live a limitless life with an abundance of love and creativity.

Romy Smits uses extremely high vibrating strong energies when she work with her own modality Omana energetic healing.

Romy gives sessions in person on distance and one-to-one or couple retreats. 


Meeting with Romy was one of the best things that happened to me. I immediately felt a powerful connection. The first conversation we had, she could feel and read my emotions with her strong empathic ability and her intuition. My session with Romy was quiet intense, magical and liberating. It opened the door for my transition and development as a person and as a Women. I started to feel more connected to my feminine side and understand it better. And I wasn't ashamed of it anymore! I wanna thank you beautiful Romy being there for me, helping me release and liberate my stagnant and suppressed energy.And finding the way to be my truest self.Thank you!

Doua Davine 

Amanachal intuitive coaching.

Initiation into "Awareness" of your repeated patterns.

Stripped from polluting influences you will also discover that your "True Identity " is the way through your "Inner Self " interacts with reality in it's purest form.

Once you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self " is the only way by which it expresses itself in reality. You will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.

Amanachal coaching
Initiation into "Awareness" of your repeated patterns.

- during this initiation of "Awareness " you become concious of your repeated patterns which enables you to change them into your real desires.

The univers of Darsahna.

Creations of awareness and desire 

Step into the colourfull creative world of Darsahna to awake your creative playfull innerchild.

Romy Smits designed an organic shape that she called "Wooky".

Dolls are a symbol for the brilliance which is hidden within: a radiating copy of the original self.

Everything is energy.

I create timeless clothes for women who feel that they want a change or strenght to make that decision to go for their real Identity.

I am a creator of my own life and I know you can do this aswell. Creation is life , joy and happiness. Creation is feminine and is the power of life.


photographer Godewijn Daled