Romy Smits invites you to discover Amanachal art of living retreats in Marocco,Marrakech the red city, Oualadia with an outstanding coastal lagoon and the Sahara.

Tailord Amanachal art of living retreats offer you to detox and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.In times of stress it can have a massive impact on your well being.Romy Smits is adept at supporting women, men and couples who feel out of balance or looking for new opportunities in life. Amanachal art of living retreats are also perfect for those seeking calm and rejuvenation.For individuals or couples who are looking for tranquility and one-to-one attention.Guided with intuitive coach, energetic healer and creator Romy Smits.You can be assured of a rich beautiful holistic experience.Get ready to receive profound benefits that is truly unique and rediscover your divine!


Romy Smits usages the advantages of the vibrant energies of Marocco in her Amanachal art of living retreats.You can be assured of a rich beautiful holistic experience.

Romy Smits created Amanachal art of living retreats to bring you in contact with your own mastery in your personal and professional life by these five deepest values :


Awareness by becoming more conscious of your repeated patterns

Desire as fire that sets action aflame

Vision the essence of your being

Passion as the intens emotion of compelling feeling, enthusiasme and desire

Inner strength the balance between female and masculine energy



Photo and Artworks Mohamed Zekriti