photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx 

My "Inner Journey "

In 1995 Romy  visited Marocco for the first time during a vacation. Romy had a huge resistance to go to Morocco on vacation. But the universe pushed her in that direction. One of the cities on her tour was Marrakech.,known as the red city.Arriving in Marrakech she had a feeling of "coming home" after a long journey.

After loosing her job in 2001 Romy , in search of new professional opportunities at the age of 41,she returned to Marrakech still remembering the impressions of her visit to the city.She wanted also discover who she really was or finding her "True Identity ".This was the first time in her life that I followed my feelings and made a decision.

In the souk of Marrakesh I was inspired by the colours of Sabra viscose yarns. And a few days later I met someone who still had old knitting machines and decided spontaneously to knit my own fabrics. Because of my enthusiasm and not knowing.Creativity, playfulness and spontaneity brought me to a new level in my life.Without knowledge of design.Once she returned home to Antwerp,Belgium her creativity was intuitively stimulated while working with the knitted fabric.

On the basis of her creative experience with viscose her first haute couture collection "Magic Colours" appeared which was immediately sold to Barney's New York in the year 2002.

Motivated by this Romy returned several times to Morocco each time she discovered new facets of her Identity which resulted in new creations like ,"Radiance", "Goldline" and "Soul of Africa".

In 2005 I discovered my playful "Inner Child".I got an assignment to design a logo for a children's hospital.They rejected my design because to futuristic for them.That was my good luck otherwise I had sold my "Inner Child".At that moment I recognized myself when I was a child of 5 years old.I already saw futuristic images.The organic shape that I designed I called "Wooky".I started to play spontaneously with this shape and was surprised how many different patterns came out with one basic shape.Patterns for interior, fashion,stationary,decorative objects and art.I called this collection Darsahna.

During her last visit in 2010 it dawned on Romy that this city in fact her spiritual home and she decided to travel back and continue her journey in Marrakech.Making use of the vibrant spiritual energies of Marocco and during this journey she discovered her energy healing qualities.

Romy usages the advantages of the vibrant energies of Marocco in her Amanachal art of living chakra retreats.

My vision

Freedom of expression is probably the most valuable thing.

For those who have it, and are used to this, there still is a lot more to discover. look inside. and look inside everything besides the imaginary world you live in. Try to see beneath the surface. Try to capture the zeitgeist, one of those german words which also work so well in English. The collective mood has rapidly changed since the beginning of the millennium. It is no longer an era for nostalgia.Tthe overall feeling has moved from the need for transparency and a crystal clear situation, via an in depth focus on detail, to reality and creating a world of your own.

Identity is currently at the center of all this attention

Identity is currently at the center of all this attention. This is a step further to straightforward personality. It is about having a clear vision within an individual style. It is going beyond the basics, back to the roots, and very much inside.everyone needs to be more selective. There is information overflow everywhere. so many and too many messages, images and words. Not that easy to value the true meaning. a meaning translated by someone else, or any object that’s never really been looked at. Some people only understand what they see. between everything that surrounds us, from people to objects or art in any form, there’s more than meets the eye at first.

Our fast moving society seems to have lost that sense, and equally —subconsciously or not— wants it back. It may still take a while, yet it is wanted right now. Some people simply do not see so much the meaning and possibilities beneath. inside, beneath that surface, things can be more interesting, more genuine, more open-minded and liberated. inside may be hidden what we really want, really see, really experience.

– maurits brands.

Romy had a huge resistance to go to Morocco on vacation. But the universe pushed her in that direction.

My first collection 

Photographer Godewijn Daled