When I feel stuck in life and I do an Amanachal art of living retreat or some one-to-one sessions, it gaves me beautiful insides about my life and how I can go through certain experiences.It gaves me opportunities to heal my childhood and live more consiously.My experience with the sessions of Romy are wonderful.Our reality isn't always the reality of truth.Romy shows me my repeated patterns and in this way I am conscious why I do certain actions.With compassion,vulnerability and love we can heal the parts in our self's that aren't our authentically self, learn parts of ourselves that's been hidden as from we were children. Shanna Rademacher


Tailord one-to-one or couple chakra retreat Marrakech.

Why one-to-one tailerd retreat is so succesful?

Romy can gave full attention to the needs and wishes of the client. Much more can be achieved at a focused short period.Excellent results, more progress and a permanent change in the way you think and feel.Romy's intuitive approach combined with her Omana energetic healing helps clients to connect with their own authentic Identity.


Amanachal art of living chakra retreat contents:

Omana energetic healing


Darsahna art therapy

Energetic massage


Kundalini Yoga



Omana energetic healing by 

Romy Smits

will help you:

Blocked chakras: problem with self esteem,  anxiety,  angry, lack of money, over active sex life or no sex life, bad relations, no sence of security, no intuition, no creativity difficulty to express.

Health problems :

Eating disorders
Lack of energy
Lower back problems
Joint pains
Disturbed immune system
Blood circulation
Heart disorders
Increased thyroid gland

Women who have had:

miscarriage, failed IVF, Infertility complications, endometriosis, PCOS, PMT, fibroids, heavy bleeding, hysterectomy, stress.

Coaching by

Romy Smits 

Initiation into "Awareness" of your repeated patterns.

This session can help you:

- during this initiation of "Awareness " you become concious of your repeated patterns which enables you to change them into your real desires.

- a transformation will slowly take place during this process of "Awareness " to heal your wounded " Inner Child".

- to open up to your real "Desire","Vision","Passion" and "Inner Strenght" in life so that your real "True Identity" can emerge and that you can lead a fulfilling passionate life.

Ones you are aware that this universal law of the "Inner Self" interacts in reality you will realize that this is the only way for True Happiness in your personal and professional life.


Darsahna workshop by

Romy Smits

This can help you:

- you in healing your wounded "Inner Child" and re-connect with your playful "Inner Child "

- you as an artist tap into your creativity when it is blocked or when you want to find as an artist a new angle in expressing your creativity 

- as an employee for an organization to become more inventive and creative in your professional life

This workshop is centered around orginality , creativity , playfulness,  imagination  and achieving an open mind to every aspect of life.

 After the workshop the participants feel inspired, motivated and above all stimulated to leave the beaten tracks in life, privately and professionally, by finding new creative  solutions to the challenges of live.

There is no advanced knowledge required for attending this workshop. Your own creativity under the guidance of Romy Smits will emerge and enable you to draw or be creative in any other manner your "Inner Self" Express itself.


Artwork Mohamed Zekriti 

Workshop by

Romy Smits

Sensuality in your relationship.

This can help women or couples:

Harmonize with your partner in your sex life.Techniques to find a new behaviour in your sexuality to rise into Love. Deep heart connection with your partner. Becoming aware of your repeated patterns.

Sensuality is the key for every women to her self confidence and her radidnce.This also gaves her true happiness  and completes her feminity.

The workshop about sensuality is bases on "the five deepest values" which also play a major part in discovering a women's sexuality  as the ultimate expression of her sensuality.

How can this workshop help you?

This workshop help you:

In discovering a women's sexuality as the ultimate expression of her sensuality through the five deepest values :

"Awareness" by becoming more conscious of her own body 

"Desire" to experience her sexuality 

"Vision"" to express her sensuality

"Passion" as the intens emotion of compelling feeling,enthousiasme and desire based on her sexuality 

"Inner strength "  as master of her sexuality

As a result of to be master of your sexuality means that you have confidence in your feminity.