You will ask yourself why wanted?

Most of the time we associate our inner child with the pain and we can't see that we put our inner child in prison. If we gave energy on our positive part of our inner child than she/he can come out of prison.A child is pure and like to play and we are forgotten to play in life. We don't see the value of being playful. The spontaneity and the creativity from a child is the most important thing in this way she/he will discover and experience new things. 

Creativity can help you to find solutions even for daily life issues when you become to serious it become very boring in every aspect of your life. You can be playful and creative in your kitchen to make funny plates for your children or husband 😉 Discover new parts of yourself what will gave you new positive energies. When you are to busy with problems you will atrack only problems because you feed this energy.

A child looks at things in a different way and isn't afraid. The child become afraid if you are showing your worries. Discover the new values of being spontanies, playful and creative and your life will change in a positive way.

Wish you a lot of creative fun.