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Published on April 24, 2018 at 1:57 PM

My first knitted collection 2002

Photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx 

Blog the unknown 

Time to be an open book to you who follow me. Most of you they know what I am doing in my life. But how I got there is an other story.? I will start when I became 40 years ?
I worked for a well known Belgium designer as a commercial and visual stylist. This was a 7 years hard working intresting job. But around my 40 years I had a burnout and wanted also something different but I didn't knew what to do. I didn't had the courage to leave my client because it was my only big client. But a year later my desteny was that my client stopped our collaboration?

At that moment I was in a choque because I didn't had any money and any idee what I could do at that moment. I had 2 opportunities but at the end it didn't worked out. I was always independent with my work from the each of 21 years.The fear that I felt and the questions that I had how I would survive was very strong. No relationship privately totally alone with just some cash to survive.

After 18 years I can remember this as the day of yesterday. The first 6 month after loosing my client I was trying to meditate and listening to singing bowls to get more relax in my mind. I found a nice little book the 7 steps to succes of Deepak Chopra and try ed to understand what I was reading. I can tell you in the beginning I didn't understand nothing about what he explained it was like Chinese for me.? My head was full of other things and my spiritual path was disconnected after my first mariage.

What I had done untill my age of 40 years was hard working and proving that I was good in my work. To show that I had a value to my father and others. I was unsure about myself and a big pleaser. The reason that I lost my client was that I proved that I was good in my work and I took it if it was my own collection. A year later we saw each other and the words that he told me was Romy you showed me that I had to take notion about what you did and told you stop. And I told him thanks to you I discovered my own creation capacity. So at the end we were both happy with what happened exept the moment that it happened.?

What happened with me in that year that I was without any possibility what I thought. I made with my little money a trip to Marocco because that was what I always wanted to do and when I had work and money I didn't had the time to do. I stayed 3 month in Marocco. My "Inner Journey " started from Tanger to Marrakech where I felt like I came home.The first time that I visited the red city Marrakech was in 1997 but I had a huge resistance to go there. But what resist is exactly what you need.

The time that I arrived there I had bad and good experiences. I will start with the bad one because this was about money. I gave money in advance to somebody that I knew to rent an appartment and the moment that I came in Marrakech I had no appartment and the money was gone the guy used it for himself. So that was my first experience about money. (On this I wil make another blog money because this was a big issue during my years to come. ) But the good news was that I met somebody that I knew from my work before in the souk and he had a house there and invited me for a short time to stay at his place. So you see the Univers gaves you an other opportunity. But in the beginning you don't experience that. You see only the negative and not the positive.

The period in that house was exactly what I needed for that time being. The next morning I went to the souk just a walk I thought but this turned out in a big inspiration when I saw all the colours of the Sabra yarn viscose in English. I returned  exhausted back from all the impressions of that day.

A few days later I met someone who had still old knitting machines and decided spontaneously to knit my own fabrics. Because of my enthusiasm and not knowing.what would be the result. Creativity , playfulness and spontaneity brought me to a new level in my live. Without knowledge of design. Once I turned to Antwerp my creativity was intuitively stimulated while working with the knitted fabric what I made in Morocco.

What I want to say with this story that I didn't know or made a planning from what I wanted to do in Marocco it came spontaneously and a half year later I had a collection that I sold to Barneys New York. And this was the beginning of my "Inner Journey ".What important is in live don't over think this kills all the spontaneity, creativity and the pureness of the moment. Make decisions with your heart.


Romy Smits highly sensitive and intuitive a strong creator who helps others find their highes potential. my Inner journey


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