Awareness through fashion

Published on April 25, 2018 at 1:43 PM

photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx model Hanna 

Awareness through fashion

Clothing is an expression of who you are. Often you follow the trends of the season. When you are aware of your authentic self you can develop your own style.Then you dare to show and express yourself in different ways in the way you feel.

Our style is often based from our outside world that means influenced by parents, traditions or the fashion trends who tell us what to do. If you have a clear vision by yourself from who you are you can express your own style how you see yourself.

Cloth and accesoires are most of the time used as a status symbol to gave yourself more value.But if you depend on this symbols to gave yourself value it hasn't a value at all. Your low self-esteem is still inside of you. If you don't have the money to buy that status symbol how will you feel than? Feeling good starts within and if you don't value yourself from your inside the outside world will never value for who you are.

Everyone is unique and authentic never compare yourself with other people each of us has an unique quality.This authentic you can arise if you are aware who you are. Expressing yourself through creativity, playfulness and spontaneity are the first steps to discover your higher potential in yourself.


Romy Smits highly sensitive and intuitive a strong creator who helps others find their highest potential.

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