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Published on April 26, 2018 at 12:34 PM

What hold you back to receive money. You will think nothing everybody want money and need money. But the reality is most of the time different. We made a lot of believes around money. And everybody has their own believes conscious or unconscious. I will start with my own money story so you can recognize yours maybe.

From my 16 years I started to earn money as a model. Than I started to work in a fashion shop to earn money and when I became 21 years I started my own styling and modelling agency. From my 32 years untill 39 I worked as independent visual murchandiser. In these periods I had never a issue with money. Know after all my experiences I know why because it had nothing to do who I really was from my inside. I did everything to prove who I thought that I was.

The period that my Inner Journey started looking for who I really was it became a different issue. There I became aware that I was in my survival mode. That my self-esteem was so low that I had many issues about money. The moment that I discovered my design talents I had a great success in the way that I was published in so many magazines with pages of my work. But I earned no money. I will explain you why to receive publicity about my work has nothing to do with myself my inside world. That is something outside myself. I didn't value myself inside this goes very deep and then you can't receive it from the outside world.

On my Inner Journey I noticed many other issues why the money didn't came to me. I couldn't combine my spirituality with money. That means I felt guilty for asking money for my gifted talent. How many people feel in this way most of the people when it comes from who they really are. Then I saw that I was afraid for to be abandoned and I discovered that this was linked to be afraid that money left me. So what happened the money left me untill I didn't have nothing anymore. When I felt this changements in my energy level the money came slowly back in my live. Then I noticed that to be successful is coherent on having a lot of money. But I didn't value the success that I had not in money but in results of the changements that I brought to people's live.

Receiving money was a big issue since I was a child I saw in my family not only the importance of having money but also that my father did everything emotionally with money. That means I saw when my parents had a fight that afterwards he bought something for my mother. There relation was not good so many material things were bought to fix the relation. For me was receiving from a men out of question so I had never a men who gave me something but I repeated the pattern from my father.

To give is easier for most of us than receiving and that was also for me. The balance is important. Receiving for myself was linked to my father and that means also all my past men in my life. I never received nothing because my believes where they buy my love and that I didn't want. When I saw this pattern I could change this and leave it behind. Now we come to the last but not least receiving is female energy and that was the next level. If you can't receive somehow sexual pleasure this relates with the energy of money. You can't receive the money flow.
Women generally feels guilty to enjoy their sexuality. By different reasons they can't enjoy and do this often to please their partners or they have excessen in their sexuality. When you can surrender to an experience or emotion you stop controlling and then you can natural receiving the energy of money.

Hope that my experiences bring you clothes to your money issues so that abundance can flow into your life.

Romy Smits  highly sensitive and intuitive helps people to connect to their own highest potential.

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