Creation as a tool

Published on April 27, 2018 at 10:29 AM

How can you use creation as a tool?

If we hear the word creation we never think to use this in practice to solve something where we couldn't find a solution for.

When you are looking for solutions we are focused on to think for finding the solution. In this way you don't see the solution. When you look from a different angle to what you want to solve and don't see it as a problem you become creative in finding the solution.

Because worries makes the things heavy and takes your energy level down and you don't see the possibilities to change your problem you only see your problem.

Fears blocks the solution there you can't act from fear. When you have the trust that there is for everything a solution gaves this inner peace and you can spontaneously take in the idee to solve your problem.

romy smits

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