Be curious about yourself

Published on June 6, 2018 at 2:29 PM

Boring,monotonous and dull.

Being bored if you don't do something but when you start to watch all the messages and pictures on Facebook you are also bored. When you become curious with yourself you discover maybe a new intrest or a quality that makes your life more intresting instead of dull.

When we were young we were not afraid to discover in a playful manner. Why this changed in your life is because of the expectations of yourself you want to prove to your parents and others that you can achieve something in your life.This gaves you a value but when it comes from proving it doesn't come from your heart.

Your value is based in showing that you can do this. When you lose your job or business than you lost also your value about yourself. Your inner value must be your base that nobody or nothing can't take away from you. How can you achieve inner value ? By acepting that you don't need to prove to yourself but loving yourself for who you are. Our society is based on the outside world that means job, succes, money ..... I don't say that you can't have this but it has to come first from your inner value because this will be for ever. If you build from your self love you will start to do things that you realy love to do and success will be not depending only from the money it comes from your heart and the flow of money will be there.

Your life will change completely because you start doing what you really like and good at. This is the only way for True Happiness.

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