Inner journey

Published on October 22, 2018 at 1:10 PM

My passion to finding my “true Identity” was bigger than my fear. My inner journey wasn”t easy at all. It was a journey with people on my path to learn and to look in the mirror so that I could leave it behind. I had to go deep to my darkness alone to heal my pain, anger, guilt and shame. Surviving was my life lesson and also that I left behind. I saw my repetition in what blocked my evolution and this was the moment that I came aware that what hold me back from my true identity.At that moment it became easier because I was aware of my repetitions of actions. The moment that I start feeling by an immense pain my whole story changed. I was touched on my deepest level who I AM. That was the connection with my pure self who showed up. This was the Romy untouched before the pollution started.The life lessons on my journey were neccesary to learn.These were no failures what we always think when something doesn”t work out in the way we want. They brought me even closer and closer to my Soul mission. The love for myself healt all the pain and gave me back my freedom to love unconditionaly. Love is the healing energy and starts within ourselves. If I didn”t had the passion I would never found myself back.

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