On day 7 my release.

Published on November 8, 2018 at 11:32 AM

Born on day 7. Yesterday night on 7 Nobember I had a hudge insight.The whole day I didn”t felt to do something and in the evening I looked back on my day. I always look why I react or make actions. I see the symbols and it gave me insights of myself to leave convictions and repeated patterns behind to grow to the next level.

What I saw yesterday I understood in the evening better why I didn”t feel to do something it was like a mood of saying goodbye to the old me. What you rationaly want in life isn”t what you deep inside of yourself can feel if you have still blockages on some layers of yourself. I saw a message that day about fruitfulness/ fertility and it touched me in a way but I didn”t pay attention untill the evening. By the way I forgot to tell you that I woke up with a pain in my 3th chakra. Ok that evening it dawnd me why when I started feeling and questionning myself HOW WOULD I FEEL TOWARDS MY PARENTS AND SISTER IF I HAVE ABUNDANCE IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE? And the answer was GUILD that was the pain in the morning what I felt. I asked myself why feeling guilty for their own choises that they made in life. I chose to unleave all my pain and that was my choice and everybody has the possibility to chose. So that felt much better and I felt my enery flowing through my legs so the blockage was gone. 😇

But there was more if I still had this blockage I was also not open to receive love in my life because that was releated to the same guilt towards my family. It sounds maybe strange to feel in that way because you will say everybody want to see you happy but it doesn”t work in that way. It”s about yourself do you deserve it to be happy on all levels. Your value to yourself deep down.

That this message bring you also insights of yourself that the only way to get what you want goes deeper than the mind.
By the way I am happy that it didn”t happen on the 8 because my karma is gone 😇

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