Symbols and what they tell you on your inner journey

Published on January 30, 2019 at 4:55 PM

The spiral design.

I remember very well when I started with my creation. I had different pieces of leather and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to design at that moment.

I started to cut squares out of the leather even at that moment it was just a beginning of a creation without knowing the end result. For me a creation is about a FEELIING that wants to manifest in the outside world..In the process of my creation I start to play as a child, curious and with a lot of spontaneity.

When I had a lot of squares I asked the trainee to sew the pieces at the edge together alternately. When the spiral was ready I started to shape it on a model and was very astonished about the end result. I would never thought this would be the design when I started with the squares.

Month afterwards I saw on the Internet the meaning of the symbolic of a spiral and that explained me my own transformation process where I was in.The spiral symbolizes, living,letting go and circle of live.The process of life letting go and being reborn the movement that you make in the process of going deep inside.

That was also the moment that I became aware of the symbols on my spiritual journey I started to see the signs on my path that helped me to understand that if you are in your flow messages, signs, people and situations comes on your way to grow and let go.

Suddenly I remembered  that when I was 16 years old I had symbol cards and was totally forgotten my natural intrest in symbols. Nowadays I can't imagine to live without my symbolic language without words

Become aware of the language of the signs who will tell you more than anything else. 

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