life purpose

Published on May 31, 2019 at 7:55 AM

Life purpose.

We all have certain expectations about our lives. When we have EXPECTATIONS then we aren”t in the flow of life. Our mind is focused on what we expect from our selves.

When we are in the flow of life we are present in the present. That means that we are open to see new opportunities and we are more SPONTANIOUS. Life is a constant change in our selves if we are open to see. When we following our expectations then we aren’t free it comes from how you look at yourself from who you THINK you are or have to be. When we live in the moment and you follow your instincts and act flexible without any expectations then Magic happens.

The life purpose is something that will come from living your experiences in the moment. You will DISCOVER new skills you never thought about. There were no expectations only experiencing life. You can call it the SCHOOL of life. 

When your life purpose becomes experiencing life then you will find  by HEART your fulfillment . When I look back in time my life experience brought me were I AM now in this moment. My PASSION became my work and I had never this expectations it came in NATURAL way on my path.

The only thing that I did was following my intuïtion and started to see life through the eyes of my PLAYFUL inner child. She wanted to DISCOVER new things.

I am so happy as a child that I gave her my love that she deserve, my trust that she was right, my time to heal old wounds.

Let go the expectations and you will see that you are more open what life will bring you on your path. Healing your Sacral chakra the well inside yourself to CREATE your happiness.

Love Romy




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