Shine from the inside out

Published on June 1, 2019 at 10:32 PM

Connecting with your brightness you have to feel your darkness.

When we are looking around us we see so many nice qoutes about how we have to feel or behave to feel happy. We do so much our best to fit in this spiritual Fashion. There are so many courses, retreats, meditation and yoga to FEEL GOOD. Feeling good is working on your darkest spot inside you to reflect yourself in the mirror and accepting that you have these emotions feel them and then let it go. Living the wisdom of your feelings and emotions in your daily life brings you to your joy.

You can't denial your darkness because in this way you will atrack only that what you don't want. You have to be honest with yourself in the first place. I always say it is as an union that you peel off layer by layer. First you have to become aware of your patterns the survinng mode. When you say you feel good  it is like a wall to protect you from your pain.That is not feeling the pain it is running away from it . You will be so busy in your work, your social life and media, drugs and all different kind of external satisfaction to avoid your pain.

Shining bright from the inside comes from a deep connection with yourself and the respect what you have for yourself, the love that you found in yourself by being yourself. This is not something that you get from one day to another it takes time to experience the life lessons and to shift to a next level. A journey to your joy and happiness to shine as a diamond.

• The complete story of your childhood accumulates into the cellular level of your body. Your cellular memory can be triggered deep within your body by a specific smell, taste, touch, sound or visualisation. Energetic energy healing can erase the negative cellular memory by going to the root.


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