See behind the illusion

Published on July 10, 2019 at 8:03 PM

You see in your outside world what you know.

You will think I like to discover new things. When you become more aware of your convictions then you can change and discover really new things. Most people are so comfortable in their situation even it isn't what they expected they keep on going. Difficulties become a common habit because they think I have too. How more conscious you become in your decisions in your daily life how easier life will become.

Then we have another point we are energy and we communicate with energy that means that we atrack in life what we send out. When we are born we are pure but this change rapidly when we are growing older. How safe we felt when we were baby and love we received how more we can build a stable life when we are older. Our education and surrounding influence also our decisions in life. A child wants always to please the parents to get the affirmation of the parents and most of the time it becomes then equal to love. That means that pleasing = love. This is an example it can be in many different things that will be associated with love. This pattern will continue your whole life untill you become aware where it comes from to feel this and to leave it behind.

Why it is so important to recognise your repeated patterns? When you look at your parents you will recognise that what triggers you in them is also an issue of yourself. (Your parents you will find in your friends, partners and in your professional life.) You thought you are doing it in a different way but in the end the result isn't satisfied because you repeat it in a different way. That's why changing your life for the best isn't so easy as you thought. Only when you become conscious by feeling and recognizing your patterns. You have to go deep and to be honest with yourself and in this way you also will be honest with others. 

Your past lives is playing also a big part in this live in positive and negative ways. This is more difficult to recognise by yourself and to undo yourself from this patterns you need an energetic healer who can help you to detect these issues in this way you become aware and then this energy leaves your energy field. This is very effective to heal it in this life. Life is about experiencing, growing and healing. When we are more familiar with this way of living you don't escape from your experience but see that this was necessary to grow.

How can you change if you don't know why you should change? I gave an example my father had to answer some questions for his health. When they ask him are you happy the answer was yes, are you in a depression the answer was no. Do you want to change the answer was no. I will gave you some more information: he has an addiction alcohol and smoking, divorced 3 times, married 2 times with the same wife, his whole life he was very frustrated and so on !  But in his head he is fine and happy. Because he only know this and nothing else. He isn't aware why his life went in this way. Do you recognise that what feels safe you will do to keep this. I can tell you from my own experience that when you can leave the illusion and leaving the old behind then you free yourself from negative emotions that keeps you in your own cage.


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