The Univers Darsahna


The Univers Darsahna seeing the world through the eyes of Romy Smits 'Inner Child '.

The Darsahna Soul Power card deck created by Romy Smits enhance your own creativity, playfulness, spontaneity and authenticity.

Romy an autodidact visionair, chakra healer and creative woman who wants to inspire you to find your passion. By reconnecting with your own "Inner Child" and heal your "Wounded" child.

From your self-love as a starting point you will find your Soul purpose and real passion in your life. By leaving your repeated patterns behind your authenticity will arise.

The artworks on the card deck designed by Romy an organic shape that she called "Wooky ": Dolls are a symbol for the brilliance which is hidden within: a radiating copy of the original Self.

Guided by her intuition, this "Wooky " shape has been playfully repeated and transformed to graphic artworks that she used for her inspirational Darsahna Soul Power card deck. Every card has a message to guide you on your own inner journey.

The different shapes and colours vibrate energy and will touch your subconscious mind.The psychic awareness is an ability of the Soul to perceive and sense frequencies beyond our normal sight.

Act playful in daily situations and find spontaneously solutions.Creativity a path to consciousness and healing.

Creativity playfulness spontaneity authenticity the key to succes in your personal and professional life.



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