Connect with your sensual wild woman within.


Removing shame and past hurt tend to hold us back from stepping into our own sensual empowerment. Our believes and past sexual  experiences are essential factors that affect our current views about sex.


I help you to get out of your head into your body. 

Awaken your sensuality, intuition, desires.

Create your dream life and realise your highest potential.

Sensuality helps us to get out of our heads and into our bodies. Body insecurity is not knowing how to be in your body.

When you are raised in sexual repressive cultures which teach us that sensual and the enjoyment of sex are dirty, shameful and sinful.The reason that your Sacral Chakra is blocked by shame and by sexual trauma.

Heal your Sacral Chakra.

And find back your creativity, passion, desires and your authentic Self.


Your sacral chakra is also associated with your expression of desire, intimacy and sensual connections, the undisturbed flow of your emotions and the expression of your feelings.

It is also a very sacred and powerful place to manifest your dreams and desires, as well as work through your fears and boundaries.

As it’s directly related to your relationships, your creativity, pro-creation, sexual energy and virility, it makes total sense that an open Sacral Chakra means you are able to feel, emotionally or physically, connect to others, emotionally and physically and generally be open to the world, to manifest your desires, and to ‘let go’.


Blocked chakras:

problem with self esteem,  anxiety,  angry, lack of money, over active sex life or no sex life, bad relations, no sence of security, no intuition, no creativity difficulty to express.

Yoni Mudra.

This Mudra allows you to go "within" and become more internal.

This Mudra relates to the pelvis , uterus,  womb, sexual organs, and the female reproductive system, increasing fertility and helping with menopause. 

The benefits of the Mudra include a calm mind, mental clarity, along with your life force energy and inner conciousness.



Sixth sence our intuition. 

Touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Become concious of your 5 sences you can enjoy the little things that you start to see, hear, smell and touch.

Our sixth sence will open up if you are in connection with your gut feelings and grounded. Our sixth sence is knowing without to know where it comes from that you know.

Pleasure is enjoying life with all your sences.

An intense and incredibly pleasur-able, sweet, soft creamy framboise taste explodes in my mouth. The thrill of it suffuses through my body. 

A child is sensual pure joy and discovers her sexuality natural.


When the parents notice that their child start to discover at a early age her/his sexuality the child where taught to refrain from touching her/his genitals because it is bad. This is in the first place because parents repeat what they learned from their parents and most of them have themselves a sexual trauma and aren't conscious about. If we want a healthy relation with sexuality and how to teach sexual education to our children we have to undo our sexual trauma in the first place. In this way we create a safer world where our children can express them freely without a sexual trauma.