Sex appeal.


Sex appeal isn't limited to the beautiful people it is something within everyone reach no matter your looks or age. It derives from self-confidence, healthy selflove and knowing your value.

We are energy and that is in the first place what feels the other person but we think it is about the look in the first place. When we start speaking with each other we find out why we were atracked by that person.The image how you present yourself is a matter of taste when you are completely yourself people find this more attractive because it is natural.

When you smile a lot, being funny and warm hearted these are qualities people like.





Your Soul/Self as the pure core of every human being before the pollution of modern society like education, social background, social pressures and religious dogma's.
Awareness brings you in contact with your expectations patterns when you can feel that you doesn't want something but that you act from an expectation from someone. Maybe you like to please : your parents, in relationships, social groups and in your work. Your convictions towards religion and moral. Pleasing hold you back from your true self.

Look for the Self within the journey may begin with inner work learning to listen to your body and feeling what your body wants to tell you. Start writing down the moments that you feel emotionaly this gaves good insides about your own desires. Start listening to your inner voice and express by writing, dancing or making art.

When you become in contact with your pure inner child that means when you worked on your trauma and dismantled your repeated patterns your authentic Self can arise. This will take time and is a natural process on your way to Self discovering.




Desire / a primary way to discover yourself
Desire as fire that sets action aflame to obtain your goal. The deep longings of our hearts are our real desires. Desire is a strong feeling and when connected with your heart a pure desire.
When you become the goal of your own desire you will discover Self.

All what you do in your live let it come from a deep intens desire it can be work, love or spending free time. Make decisions from your heart you will never regret and this will gave you a deep fulfilment.That is why it is so important that you can feel.


Experience life.


Perfection doesn't exist it hold you back from taking actions and learning in a natural way.The mistakes that you make is important and the best life lessons. Everything that you learned by experience you won't repeat this again. Don't see it as a waist of time you can't go faster because that was important to learn to make a next step in your life.


Balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Giving is an action of our divine masculine, and receiving is an action of our divine feminine .
We are born with both energies and the challange is bringing balance to create harmony within yourself.

Masculine energy is independent, analytical it is creative, practical and visionary. The feminine energy contains the quality of our intuition, compassion, emotion, empathy and truth.
The male has an inner feminine, and the female has an inner masculine. When the masculine and feminine energies are in balance it brings wholeness.

Blue print back in line with our divine.

The spiritual blue print unfolds the fundamental qualities, strengths and development tasks of your being on your inner journey to Self realisation. We can't know where we're going until we know who we are. We are guided by our Divine every step of the way and opportunity for growth and experience organically appears on our path. 

Cellular memory erase negative emotions.

The complete story of your childhood accumulates into the cellular level of your body. Your cellular memory can be triggered deep within your body by a specific smell, taste, touch, sound or visualisation. Energetic energy healing can erase the negative cellular memory by going to the root.

Connection the same vibrational frequency.

When you feel emotional attraction you are vibrating the same energy with that person. The other three layers are physical, psychological and spiritual. These layers are contained in each other, like the layers of an onion. The pure connection is when all levels are aligned.
A spiritual relationship is built on inner values and build on an romantic connection rather then grief and pain.