Romilda Smits receives extremely high vibrating energies when she work with her own modality Omana energetic healing. Romilda can see and give life changing guidance from the higher realms. It can be blockages that prevent the person from living their purpose and guidance on how he/she can grow on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

As a sensual person she senses the energy fields around your body aura and feels strongly your emotions, pain and trauma’s. She touch you in your core of your being so that blocked energies will leave your body. In the session you will feel and see what hold you back in life to open up your heart and feeling to re-connect with your higher potential.


What can a session do?


A journey back to past lives can solve the patterns and blockages that you may be stuck in, whether it concerns a sexual trauma ,disease, relationships or anything else in your life. When negative energy are raised, healing on a cellular level is possible.

Romilda has a great ability to see the root cause of dysfunctional patterns today and can solve energy knots related to these, with her healing energies.

Each session is completely unique.Often events from past lives arises to get solved and soul contracts revealed. Also main cause of imbalances, illnesses and injuries may come to surface to be healed.

Romilda coaches you with the highest good in mind, for you to reach your highest potential. You have a free will, make your own choices and take responsibility for your life.

Release emotional baggage causing pain, depression, anxiety, and self-sabotage and get to the root of your problems to remove the underlying causes of emotional and physical imbalance.

How many sessions do you need ?

The client will feel when she or he needs another session.

There is no difference between physique session or by phone my energy will touch you.